About Us

Nebby Barber Supplies

We are a full-service barber supply business that caters exclusively to barbers and stylists in North Carolina and South Carolina, as well as nationwide. We offer as one of our barbers stated: “YOU HAVE SOME DOPE A** PRODUCTS!”

Our catalog is one of a kind. We have current items that are conducive to your barber needs. Local orders are delivered for FREE. The minimum order requirement for out of state is $80. Free shipping on orders over $100, if shipped within the nation.

Some of the items we carry along with an assortment of other barber supplies/products are Andis, Oster, Wahl Appliances, Parts, Cords, Guards, Aftershave, Sanitation, Capes, Jackets, Combs, Brushes, Beard Oil, Razors, and Shears.